Templates bring uniformity to a wiki. They are special sections that can be included quickly and easily, thus simplifying the source to pages and making it easier to navigate, edit, and display information. The Main Menu of this site is actually a template.

Main MenuEdit

Main Menu
Lessons | Reference | Dictionary | Help
  • Use on important pages, main pages, or pages that lack a form of navigation.
//To insert the main menu into a page, place the following in that page.



Text you want to be displayed.
  • Used to make things look nice, pretty much.
{{notice|Text you want to be displayed}}

Reference HeaderEdit

Reference         "Music, the greatest good that mortals know, And all of heaven we have below." --Joseph Addison
  • Use at top of all resource pages, for navigational purposes.

Lesson NavigationEdit

Lesson 1 | 2 | 3

An Introduction to the Guitar | Quick Anatomy | Tuning the Guitar | Posture and Position
  • Each lesson includes it's own navigation box. Each one should be placed at the top of the lesson.

//Replace the #1 with the lesson number for the given lesson - {{lesson#}}
//If your working with bass lessons use {{basslessson#}}

Notices TemplatesEdit

Needs WorkEdit

  • Use this template to signify the need for work to be done on a given page.


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