• Barre Chord: Any chord on a guitar that involves fretting all six of the strings at once, while also fretting other strings.
  • B-Bender: A design technique used by [Fender]] on some of their Telecaster designs. It bends the B string up one whole step when the strap shifted up (the the peg on the body moves, to activiate this system). The B bender ferrule is located below the bridge on the front of the body. These are used for country music, usually.
  • Blue notes: Used in blues or jazz playing, consist of altering or flattening the third and seventh notes of a scale.
  • Body: The primary part of the guitar, attached to the neck. Bodies are constructed from different kinds of wood, each wood for their unique tone. Bodies may include cutaways to help the guitarist play higher frets with more ease. Electronics, pickups, bridge, neck, cable, and the strap are all attached to the body.
  • Bridge: The part of the guitar used to fasten the strings on the body end. These vary greatly in style. Some bridges are "floating" and use tremelos, while others are fixed, with the strings through the body.