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  • Diapasons
  • Diatonic: Refers to individual notes and harmonies staying within a given key (e.g.: C Major, or C minor).
  • Diferencias
  • Dominant: The fifth (5th) note in a Major or minor scale; or The diatonic triad rooted on the fifth (5th) note in a Major or minor scale.
  • Dominant Seventh: The diatonic seventh chord rooted on the fifth (5thnote in a Major scale; or The diatonic seventh chord rooted on the seventh (7th) note in a natural minor scale. Also known as a Major minor Seventh Chord
  • Double stops
  • Dreadnought: Large bodied steel-string acoustics which feature broad waists and a resonant bass tone when played. Dreadnoughts are played by folk, bluegrass and country musicians. Guitar manufacturer Martin produceds some of the most well known dreadnoughts including the D-18, D-28, and D-45.

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