Palm muting is a technique used to produce quick, dampened sounds by reducing the vibrations of the strings quickly with the palm. Palm Muting is generally used in many styles of Rock and Metal music.

How to Palm Mute

Take a look at where you regularly strum. What you need to do is move your hand back so that your palm is resting on the bridge. Then begin strumming, or fingerpicking (although fingerpicking is a bit cumbersome and challenging with palm muting). You should hear a dampened, quick sound. This can really be used for awesome variety in your music.

If you want to dampen the strings further, move your hand slightly away from the bridge. The farther you are from the bridge, the duller the sound.

Tablature Notation

In tablature, a dot under the note symbolizes Palm Muting. Some tabs might just say to palm mute it, without having dots. It will look like this:

  . . . . . .

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